Yummy Yummy!!! A tasty English lesson for class 5b in the HGF school kitchen …

In our school kitchen we prepared some nice scrambeled eggs, baked beans, some tomatoes and toast. We also bought extra salted butter and different kinds of marmalade and of course we had some decorations. We almost ate all of it! (Lukas, 5b)

The breakfast was very great. It was nice to see that almost everyone got along. The food was very tasty and good. It was awesome to see everyone enjoying the food/breakfast. The food and breakfast were great and we had much fun. (Mine, 5b)

On a Thursday day in school we made a British breakfast that contained: bread, eggs, beans and bacon. We also had some fruit and PB&J Sandwiches. The breakfast was awesome, and we had fun cooking. We brought our kitchen devices to the kitchen (…), and everyone was doing their job. The day was great and I wish it would happen again. (Melik, 5b)